Are You up for an Around-the-World Cruise?

Are You up for an Around-the-World Cruise?

So you want to see the world. Like, all of it. Congratulations, you can, thanks to several cruise lines that offer around-the-world itineraries. One ship, one cabin, one million adventures to be had and sights to be seen at exotic ports of call around the world. It’s a chance to tick off every destination on your bucket list, write a second bucket list, and then check those off too.

But is an around-the-world cruise right for you? There are some things you should know before you go, such as you’ll need time to enjoy this cruise. Most circumnavigating cruises take four months to complete, sometimes longer, typically beginning in January. You can choose to participate in only segments of the itinerary, such as one month straight, but it’s a better value (and a better story) if you choose to cruise for the whole shebang.


You will not awaken to a new port every day. At some ports, your ship will stay for up to three overnights, giving you plenty of time to explore the city. And on sea days, your ship will simply ply the open waters without land in sight, giving you all the time you need to recover from dancing at that salsa club in Buenos Aires until three in the morning. You can also spend these days attending lectures and wine tastings, taking an exercise class or watching a Broadway show, if those things interest you.

As you can see, you will have many options during your voyage. These options also include time to email friends and family to stay connected, and medical assistance (and evacuation if necessary) in case of illness, so all of your emotional and physical needs will be met. The secret on such a long cruise is pacing. Never try to jam too many activities into one day, because you have more time and opportunity on the morrow.

So, are you up for an around-the-world cruise? We can help you get there! Check out some of our around-the-world cruise itineraries or contact our travel specialists for more information.

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