Amsterdam: Sustainable Travel At Its Finest


Amsterdam has retained its appeal as a popular tourist destination for many years, drawing crowds with its canals, cafe culture and laid-back charm. It continues to assert itself as a cultural capital, with huge reinvestment in its museums and a popular street art scene. Despite being the capital and with a wealth of attractions, it’s a very manageable city to get around. Hire a bike, jump on a tram or buy a pass for the hop-on, hop-off boats that meander down the canals and get lost in the markets and various quarters.



There is no doubt that the lack of cars in Amsterdam contributes to the charm of the city. Due to the flat landscape, extensive bike paths and high cost of owning a car, the bike (and tram) rule here. A visit to the ‘Venice of the north’ will show any motorist that getting about in the city’s charming historic infrastructure is in fact made far easier (not to mention quicker) with the use of a bike.

Central Station Bicycle Garage

Central Station Bicycle Parking

Whether you are visiting the Van Gogh Museum, Vondelpark or the Nine Streets district, you can get there in a fashionably sustainable way! For more information on traveling to Amsterdam call our travel consultants today.

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