Scarves and Jewels and Spices, Oh My!

Whether or not you are the worlds most enthusiastic shopper, you’re bound to find Istanbul’s old Grand Bazaar (a living piece of Turkey’s mercantile history) an amalgamation of past, present, and future. With 4,000 shops selling everything from azure blue head beads to ruby red fabrics and sculpted mounds of fragrant spices, it’s a fantastically sensual experience you are sure to relive for years to come.

Istanbul is more than just an earthly pleasure. A city at the crossroads of Eastern and Western civilizations, it belongs to both Europe and Asia. It’s no wonder it has so often drawn mighty conquerors and such. Romans laid out the street plan, Byzantines built the churches and castles, Ottomans the palaces and mosques.

The vestiges of empires are yours to see, touch, explore: mosques, palaces, harems, museums. Hippodrome Square. The blue Mosque. Topkapi. The names alone quicken the pulse!

Step inside Justinian the Great’s sixth century Yerebatan Saray, a behemoth Byzantine cistern. Dig deep into Turkey’s past at the Archaeological Museum. Follow your nose to the Spice Bazaar.

Fly to Izmir to be wowed by Pergamum, the pre-Dewey Decimal System library, the Temple of Trajan.

On to Ephesus, among the best-preserved classical cities on the Mediterranean. Greek colonist settled here a millennium before Christ. Examine artifacts at the museum and then at the site. Stand where The Virgin Mary and St. John once stood and visit the Temple of Diana, called one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

A carpet-weaving demonstration, then fly to odd Cappadocia. The terrain here looks like a cross between Earth and Moon. It has survived volcanoes, wind, pounding rains, and centuries of habitation by man. Wander through Kaymakli, a fascinating underground town and see pottery-making as it’s been done for centuries.

Experience unique history of Europe and Asia all at once, visit Turkey! Call our travel consultants for more information!

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