7 reasons why the Great Migration will be your #1 wildlife thrill

If you’re keen to experience the biggest wildlife spectacle on the planet, three words will suffice: The Great Migration.

The world is filled with plenty of amazing wildlife phenomena. But there’s simply none that compares in scope and scale to this annual event that takes place on the savannas of East Africa, as millions of hoofed animals thunder over the plains with predators in pursuit… And you can be among the select few to witness it up close with Natural Habitat Adventures!

7 reasons why the Great Migration will be your #1 wildlife thrill:

1) The world’s largest land migration
We’re talking 2 million wildebeest, zebra and gazelle! Herds follow rain patterns that have guided them for millennia.

2) Exciting predator-prey action
Lion, cheetah and hyena stalk the herds, seizing the weak and young, while crocodiles lie in wait at river crossings.

3) New babies abound
Hundreds of thousands of wildebeest drop their calves when green grass is abundant on the southern Serengeti Plains.

4) Observe fascinating animal behavior
The decisions of a few individuals to run or elude predators drive the rest of the herds into group action through “swarm intelligence.”

5) Fabulous photo ops
Dark skies shift above green plains for a vivid contrast…while the clouds and dust kicked up by thousands of hooves create spectacular sunsets.

6) Hot air ballooning
There’s nothing like a perspective from the air to appreciate the migration’s scope as you float over the massive herds that darken the plains.

7) Mobile camps follow the herds
You get to be in the thick of the action, no matter what the season!

Many companies claim to offer “migration safaris,” though they follow the same circuit year-round regardless of animal movements, staying at crowded lodges away from the herds. Not so with Natural Habitat Adventures! They plan their routes to be in the optimal place at the best time. Small groups will enjoy secluded close-up wildlife encounters, away from tourist crowds.

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