Sidewalk Food Tours of Chicago

photo: Food Tour Pros

photo: Food Tour Pros

One of the best ways to get to know a location is by tasting the local food. Sidewalk of Chicago‘s 3-hour Food and History walking tours unlock the city’s most interesting neighborhoods by exploring their culinary delights. Sample delicious food tastings at amazing specialty food stores, ethnic eateries, well-known food purveyors and off-the-radar establishments – at the end of our tours, you will be able to use your newfound culinary perspectives and put the neighborhood and the city into a new, exciting context. Along the way, expert local guides provide an entertaining insider’s view into the culture, history and architecture that define Chicago. Tours are leisurely paced and suitable for all age groups and fitness levels. So eat as the locals eat, and see what the locals see – join the fun on one of Sidewalk of Chicago’s food-tasting tours.

“We believe there are two important things that one should have at the end of a good tour: a full belly and a full mind. That’s why we’ve structured our Food and History Walking Tours to offer you the best food and most fascinating sites that Chicago has to offer.  Our expert local guides provide an entertaining insider’s view into the culture and history that define Chicago. Experience the best of Chicago in all of its deliciousness.”
– Sidewalk Food Tours of Chicago

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