Springtime in Western Europe

photo: Travcoa

photo: Travcoa

Springtime travel throughout Western Europe offers myriad advantages: tourists are fewer, and the weather is ideal, with the sun overhead and a crisp in the air. City explorations, river cruises, and visits to the Castles & Countryside of Lore can be savored at an unhurried pace. There’s often a slight chance of rain, but it merely provides an excuse to duck into a charming Italian café or a local Irish pub to mingle with the locals.

While springtime brings with it Ireland’s “40 shades of green,” the abundance of budding flora is sure to be a highlight of your cruise through the Waterways of France by Luxury Barge. Flowers come into bloom on hillsides and in gardens, adding color and fragrance to each journey.

Although gastronomes are never in need of a particular season in order to indulge, Italy’s Heart & Soul reawakens in springtime, when gelaterias entice the locals out of hibernation with refreshing flavors such as lemon, custard cream, hazelnut and pistachio, zabajone and stracciatella. And of course you can’t forget the wines of Valpolicella and Cortona in your celebration of the new season.

Whether traveling for the scenery, the culture, or the cuisine, spring is a wonderful time to explore all that Western Europe has to offer.

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