Crete’s Liquid Gold: Olive Oil

photo credit: Uncornered Market

Cretan cuisine is one of simple foundation, not of complicated sauces. This foundation is built from the highest quality and freshest ingredients. Cretans use wild herbs and fresh produce to supplement their ‘less is more’ purity of taste, but no ingredient seems to be as important as the marvelous olive oil. Due to its copious use in Crete, olive oil is considered a liquid gold.

Olive oil is hands down the most vital ingredient within Cretan cuisine. Basically every dish calls for it in the recipe, as well as a spoonful (or two or three) thrown on top for garnish. Even their savory pastries and french fries are fried in olive oil. Some Cretan dishes swim in the stuff and trust us, once you’ve tasted the perfected use of olive oil, you will wonder why you have been missing out on it all this time!

olives 3

photo credit: Uncornered Market

In Crete there are more than 1.5 million olive trees. So, if you are born there, it seems like a birthright that you own at least a few. To put the Cretans olive oil use in perspective, the average consumption in Germany and the United States is about 0.5 liters/person annually. In Crete, it’s a healthy 25 liters per person per year! Absolutely something to experience and write home about!

If you are considering a trip to Greece, Crete is definitely high on the places to visit! Don’t miss their rich culture, vibrant locals and delicious (olive oil infused) cuisine! Call our travel specialists for more information!

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