Travelers, what do you see?

photo credit: Social Travler

                                photo credit: Social Traveler Blog (WordPress)

On a dry and sunny day in Arches National Park, I found myself asking, “How much of our vacations do we actually take in, actually slow down enough to really see? At least in the states, a great deal of our time is spent working hard and fast so that we may save enough money for our dream vacation: the prefect beach getaway with fruity drinks and hammocks, a lush jungle trek and waterfall swimming or exploring a National Park’s preserved beauty.

As I look around at the many tourists visiting this unique and truly awesome landscape, I feel confused by what seems to be an overall lack of enjoyment. Cameras are being snapped with no real intention. The next arch or viewpoint seems to be the only drive behind movement. And rather than acting excited or curios, it seems that people are being punishment by the deserts heat (and possibly their parents). So, I ask all the travelers out there, when we go to these incredible places what do we really see? Maybe this is a post about awareness and living in the moment. Or maybe it’s about getting the most of what your hard-earned money paid for. Or maybe both. But what if we remembered to truly open our eyes so that we may actually see the beauty before us, on our travels and at home? Surely, our photographs would mean more and just maybe we wouldn’t have any regrets.

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