5 Reasons to Visit Colombia

Colombia, Coffee Region,  Santa Rosa Thermal Springs

Colombia, Coffee Region, Santa Rosa Thermal Springs                     photo credit: Pinterest

Colombia has just about everything. Down the spine of the country, parallel Andean ranges provide snow-capped mountains, salt mines and alpine lakes. North-east of Bogota lie whitewashed colonial villages with cute cobbled streets and quirky restaurants, while the Caribbean coast is a riot of Afro-cuban music, brightly painted houses and luscious tropical fruit. Not to mention the cities: Bogota is fast taking its place on the international dining and hotel scene, while stunning, walled Cartagena is a perfectly preserved colonial jewel, snoozing in the north coast heat.

Colombian People: Vibrant and Friendly

Wonderfully Vibrant Colombia                   photo credit: Travel Bite

1. Friendly Faces And Welcoming Places

One of Colombia’s most attractive features is its people. Despite the country’s turbulent history, you’d be very hard pressed to find a Colombian that isn’t friendly. Colombians are party-loving, generous to a fault, patient as saints and just dying to meet you!

Among carnivals, dances, parades, and festivals, the year runs its course to the rhythm of tropical music and contagious good spirits. The religious feasts, historic milestones, and even victories in sports are events celebrated well after the sun goes down.

Colombia Beaches, Tayrona National Park

Colombia Beaches, Tayrona National Park                    photo credit: Flickr

2. Over 300 Breathtaking Beaches

With all the diversity provided by the three mountain ranges of the Andes, several thermal floors, and, consequently an enormous variety of climates, Colombia stands out for its magical beaches that guarantee peace and calm to all those who are tired of the noise and the routine of everyday life. In total, there are over 300 beaches to suit many preferences. Some have all possible tourist services; others are natural paradises away from the crowds.

Colombia Towns, Cartagena-

Colombia Towns, Cartagena                     photo credit: Sun Surfer

3. Picturesque Colonial Towns

During Colombia’s colonization period the Spanish conquistadors refashioned the country in Spain’s image, imposing European architecture, ideas, religion and social customs. Although the Indigenous cultures were heavily impacted, this time also brought about the unique cultural fusion that resulted in astonishing colonial cities: colorful tiled buildings, cobblestone streets and plazas surrounded by ivy covered walls. Each colonial city has its own unique character and heritage, but all offer awe-inspiring architecture, turbulent history and lively traditions.

Colombia Food Markets

Colombia’s Food Markets                     photo credit: Civil Eats

4. Fresh, Fresh & More Fresh Food!

Come to Colombia for the incredible coffee, tropical climate and abundant seafood; stay for the fresh fruit, charming people and colorful markets!

Colombian national cuisine is as diverse as its climate, landscapes, and cultural expressions. Aside from the fertility of a land that grows practically everything, there is the unlimited imagination of expert chefs who are redeveloping the Colombian food scene. From age-old traditional regional recipes, to vibrant fruit and seafood markets, to new-age cafes with innovative flair, Colombia’s culinary experience is not to be missed!

Hiking in the Amazon to the "Lost City"

Hiking in the Amazon to the “Lost City”                     photo credit: JRWarner Photography

 5. Off The Beaten Path Adventure

Brazil may be the popular destination for Amazon explorers, but Colombia’s shores offer ample options for those looking to get well off the tourist trail. Ready to sweat? Take a 3-day trek through the lush green rainforest to find the “Lost City”. Or slow down with a boat ride to the small village of Puerto Nariño on the shore of the Amazon River and step back in time to an era free from cars and pollution. Still want more? A mere twenty-minute boat journey will land you at the Amacayacu National Park, where canopy walks, canoeing, and tree-climbing take place to a backdrop of lush jungle, gushing streams, and historical aboriginal territory.

If you are ready to join the party, Colombia is ready for you! Contact our travel specialists for more information on traveling to Colombia, where to stay and what to see!

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  1. This was wonderful information. I was lucky enough to visit Cartegena and loved it, every bit of it. Now I’d really like to experience the other beautiful things Columbia has to offer.

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