“The Way”: A Journey to Santiago!

Camino de Santiago

photo credit: Camino de Santiago Guide

Travel with us as we walk and bike the famous Camino de Santiago on our Petrabax tour!

The Way of St. James or “Camino de Santiago” has existed for over a thousand years. Legend holds that St. James’s remains were carried by boat from Jerusalem to northern Spain where he was buried on the site of what is now the city of Santiago de Compostela. Today thousands of travelers set out each year to make their way to Santiago. Most travel by foot, some by bicycle.

In addition to people undertaking a religious pilgrimage, the majority are travelers and hikers who walk the route for non-religious reasons: travel, sport. Many consider the experience a spiritual adventure or retreat to remove themselves from the bustle of modern life.

(“The Best Way”- One man’s videography of his voyage along the Camino de Santiago.)

The ScallopThe scallop shell, has long been the symbol of the Camino de Santiago. It is found along each route on markers and posts along the way guiding the pilgrim towards Santiago.


Most pilgrims carry a “Credential”, or pilgrims passport which is stamped at each town where the pilgrim has stayed. It serves as proof that the journey is accomplished according to an official route.The stamped credA Compostelaential is also necessary if you want to obtain a “Compostela”: a certificate of accomplishment given to pilgrims on completing the Way. To earn the “Compostela” one needs to walk a minimum of 100 km or cycle at least 200 km.

Maps, books and travel tips are available at Camino de Santiago Guide.

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