Human Tomato Sauce: Spanish Style

La Tomatina

photo credit: Thomas Cook Diaries

On the last Wednesday of August each year, the town of Brunol (near Valencia, Spain) holds La Tomatina, a giant tomato-fight festival, where a reported 50,000 people show up to make a mess and have a lot of fun! During the “World’s Biggest Food Fight” the town’s shop-owners use plastic covering to protect their storefronts from more than 2,000 lbs of ripe tomatoes that are launched!

Get here before the food fight for the preceding week of festivities: music, dancing and fireworks! Folks traveling from out-of-town will want to reserve a room (typically in Valencia about 20 miles away) ahead of time so they can clean up and rest afterwards. Due to the size of this event, accommodations can fill up quickly and unless you want to smell like human tomato sauce, you are going to want a shower!

The Rules of La Tomatina

  • Do not bring bottles or hard objects as they can cause accidents and hurt other participants
  • Do not rip other people’s T-shirts
  • You must squash the tomatoes before throwing them as this reduces the impact
  • As soon as you hear the second shot, you must stop throwing tomatoes

Useful Advice

  • Wear closed shoes that you don’t mind throwing away afterwards. If you wear flip-flops, you may get hurt, or you could lose them easily during the battle
  • Wear old clothes, or clothes that you aren’t planning to wear again. They will most likely end up damaged from being ripped or incredibly dirty
  • You may find goggles useful. However, it is safer if you just ensure that you always have something clean to wipe your eyes with. The best thing is if you tuck your T-Shirt into your shorts to keep the bottom part of your T-shirt clean and dry
  • If you are planning to take pictures, bring a waterproof camera!
  • Do not miss the Palojabón – a soap-covered pole with a Spanish ham at the top: whoever can climb the pole and get the ham can keep it!
  • Stay safe and enjoy the festivities as much possible
La Tomatina

photo credit: Joe Lasky

La Tomatina

photo credit:

Sound like fun?!! We can help get you there! For more information on La Tomatina and  festivals around the world contact our travel specialists!

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