Underwater Sub Adventures!

What is the underwater sub experience like?

Think of a self-contained underwater motorcycle with a large two-foot clear dome keeping your head perfectly dry throughout your ride around the underwater reefs. The “bubble” or dome – is large enough for your head and even your hands.  This ensures that you can still wear your eyeglasses and adjust them as necessary. It also means that you are breathing normally – through your nose and mouth – without the need of using snorkel tubes or diving regulators.

Underwater Sub, Bahamas

Underwater Sub Adventures, Bahamas

Your personal sub unit is propelled by a small battery operated engine, which allows you to have full control. Your steering console enables you to direct the unit left and right. It also contains your power switch. The “safety divers” slowly move you up and down a control line to allow for your ascents and descents to be smooth transitions. And the buoy tethered to your sub prevents descending deeper than the planned 15-20 foot dive.

Oxygen is provided by air stored in a SCUBA cylinder that uses a ScubaPro regulator to keep air continuously flowing. ScubaPro is the worlds leading manufacturer of underwater life support equipment and offers the most reliable and safest equipment available. For extra assurance and control, you are able to see how much air is remaining in your tank and your current depth. The subs have an extremely stable platform, which allow for easy use and balance.

So, what does all this amount to? A fun, safe and enjoyable way to see the fascinating creatures and views of the underwater world!

For more information on destinations that have underwater subs available for recreational use (like the Bahamas) please contact our travel specialists!

Sonja Arrasi, Cruise & Travel Masters
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