Share Your Travels with the World

PathWrangler Map

PathWrangler Map

PathWrangler created the a completely new way to share and organize your travel adventures with friends, clients and associates in one, central, integrated  website. And now that they are linked to Facebook, sharing your travel ideas just got even easier!

Trip Example from PathWrangler

 Example from

“We can’t create the ideas for you, but once you get an adventurous idea, you can build it, invite others, organize together, share your experiences as they happen and then share them with the world.” PathWrangler

For the Traveler: it is the best way to organize and journal your trip.  We make it easier to store your memories.

For Trip Organizers: not only is the best way to organize the many trips that you run, but it helps you to get business.  As your clients/members share their trips with their friends, it is a way to get those crucial testimonials and word of mouth referrals naturally.



Start building and sharing your trips on PathWrangler today!

Sonja Arrasi, Cruise & Travel Masters
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