Travel Sustainably

photo credit: Las Olas

photo credit: Las Olas

At Cruise & Travel Masters we know our natural resources are precious and finite. We support sustainable tourism and partner with some of the leaders in sustainable travel.

Bringing tourism into a specific region can have huge effects on the local communities. The important thing we want to ensure is that our impact is positive and helpful to the people and places we are visiting. This means respecting the local cultures and their customs, as well as preserving native species and plant-life. Littering and walking “off trail” can de-beautify the very landscape we are there to see so it’s important to tread lightly and leave each place better than when we came.

photo credit: las olas

photo credit: las olas

Our sustainable tourism partner, Gap Adventures, says, “The most memorable vacation experiences are not spent visiting busy tourist-traps; they are those out-of-the-way local experiences that engage you with the culture you are visiting. Spending your money by supporting a locally owned and operated tourism facility, craft-collective, local guide, or accommodation, will ensure that your money is supporting local communities and going where it is truly needed.”

Let’s remember these inspiring words as we set out on our next travel adventure, so our children and grandchildren will be able to enjoy these beautiful places years down the road!

For more information on sustainable travel and itineraries that support local economies, please contact our travel specialists!

Sonja Arrasi, Cruise & Travel Masters
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