5 More Dishes Worth The Trip

Photo Credit: cirp-hpc.org

Photo Credit: cirp-hpc.org

For all you food and travel fanatics who loved our first post, 5 Dishes Worth The Trip, here are another 5 that will jump-start your taste buds and stir your travel-fever! Those of you that just joined us, National Geographic asked world-class chefs and other foodies about the meal that they’d travel great distances to savor again. Here is what they said…

Taco in Playa del Carmen   Photo: National Geographic

Taco in Playa del Carmen Photo: National Geographic

1) Shrimp Taco
“Playa del Carmen, Mexico, located along the clear and warm waters of the Caribbean, may be a paradise for swimmers and sunbathers, but I would travel there to enjoy the tacos de camarones at La Fragata, a small restaurant on 26th Street. Beatriz, the chef/owner, is one of the best cooks around. Fresh corn tacos are filled with local plump shrimp coated with a crunchy batter and garnished with avocado, cilantro, and pico de gallo. And her prices are dirt cheap.”
-Jacques Pepin, Author of Essential Pepin

2) Chicken Salad
“I crave the garlicky chicken-walnut salad at a tiny basement canteen in Tbilisi, Georgia, tucked along a back alley of the sagging Old Town-not only because it’s the best chicken salad I’ve ever tasted, but because the contrast between the humble setting and the voluptuous flavors embodies that Georgian ability to seemingly effortlessly extract the best out of life.”
-Marisa Robertson-Textor, Former Research Chief, Gourmet

Szechuan Shredded Beef    Photo: kraftrecipes.com

Szechuan Shredded Beef Photo: kraftrecipes.com

3) Szechuan Surprise
“After visiting and meditating at the Lama Temple in Beijing, we walked down the incense-heavy road and came upon a little place where we had this amazing Szechuan shredded beef. We enjoyed it so much we had it again at another restaurant where it was called Spicy Ass Meat. This was alarming, so I asked the server, “Ass meat?” And he said, “Like donkey!” Well, we still loved this dish and I’d go back for it.”
-Art Smith, Chef at Art And Soul (Washington D.C)

4) Acai On The Beach
“Florianopolis in Brazil is one of the most alluring cities I’ve ever been to, with incredible beaches, each one trumping the next. Spending three weeks there changed my life forever, and every morning before I hit the majestic waves with my board I would dig into the sweet, raw pulp from the acai berry. Its unadulterated flavors are perfectly juxtaposed with the salty beach air and the sand between your toes.”
-Sam Talbot, Chef at Imperial No. Nine (NYC)

Cherry Kebabs, Photo Credit:somecontrast.com

Cherry Kebabs Photo: somecontrast.com

5) Cherry Kebabs
“I’d travel many times over to Aleppo, Syria, to eat kabab bil karaz, an Armenian-influenced dish that marries lamb mince and deep crimson cherries, reflecting the confluence of rich cultures in the Levant. We enjoyed this dish at Bait Wakil restaurant one chilly evening, but sitting around the courtyard fountain and savoring the food was wonderfully warming.”
-Sarah-Hamad, Author of Cardamom and Lime: Recipes From the Arabian Gulf

Mmmm mmmm! Who is ready for a little culinary travel? For tasty trip itineraries check out our Culinary Traveler or contact our travel specialists!

Sonja Arrasi, Cruise & Travel Masters
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