5 Dishes Worth The Trip

This is a shout out to anyone who loves to eat, travel, and when possible, combine the two! National Geographic asked world-class chefs and other foodies about the meal that they’d travel great distances to savor again. Here is what they said…

Horta, Photo Credit: Veggie Wedgie

Horta, Photo Credit: Veggie Wedgie

1) Greek Greens
“I’d travel to Serifos, an island in the Cyclades, to eat wild horta drenched in local olive oil. On this severe dry island, the greens (horta) grow on the mountainside and the women go out and collect them, tame the inherent bitterness with a good boil, and then soak them in olive oil with a squeeze of lemon. It’s indicative of the island that so much can be made from so little.”
Gabrielle Hamilton, Chef/Author of Blood Bones & Butter

2) Italian Cake
“Get me to Sienna to eat a thin slice of panefort with an espresso or dessert wine. Just as every neighborhood has its own flag, the variations of this warm, spiced, dense cake differ from neighborhood to neighborhood. While walking the cobblestone streets, you can see through store windows the stacked slices revealing ingredients:apricots, peaches, raisins, dates, candied oranges, cherries, walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, pine nuts. The varied and beautiful packagings make it the perfect gift.”
Krystina Castella, Author of A World Of Cake

Joe Beef's Foie Gras Double Down Sandwich

Joe Beef's Foie Gras Double Down Sandwich

3) Canadian Foie Gras
“I’d head to Montreal to eat Joe Beef’s foie gras double down-two large slices of chicken-fried foie gras with bacon and house-smoked melted cheddar in between, all doused with local maple syrup. I wouldn’t recommend eating this on a regular basis, but the dish reflects the city’s Gallic influence in the foie gras, Canadian pride in the liberal splash of maple syrup, and a whimsical North American irreverence. It can get very cold there, so this piping hot, uber-rich sandwich is sure to warm anyone up.”
Anitalo, Chef at Annisa (NYC)

4) Soba Sampler
“In Nagano, Japan, the traditional inn Ryokan Sugimoto is chef-owned, and the meal the chef prepared for us on the last visit included three different types of soba that were worth the flight to Japan alone.”
Grant Achatz, Chef at Alinea (Chicago)

Beaugraviere's Truffles, Photo by Francois Simon

Beaugraviere's Truffles Photo by Francois Simon

5) Truffles All The Time
“I’d go to the village of Mondragon in Provence and the restaurant La Beaugraviere to eat chef Guy Jullien’s all- truffle menu, paired with the best Rhone wines, because it reflects the fact that simple family restaurants in France can offer some of the most memorable experiences.”
Patricia Wells, Author of Simply Truffles

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