Eastern Canada Is Stirring Up Some Grub!

Montreal Nightlife (photo:about.com)

Montreal Nightlife (photo:about.com)

Quebec has remained tied to France, which allows French to be the official language and the culture to be very European. Quebec city and Montreal both have a European focus on food and wine- often thought of as a sophisticated, yet mandatory part of life.

“From top restaurants in Quebec’s major cities and country inns to centuries old grocery stores to food festivals and microbreweries, there is always a tasty reason to visit North America’s seat of French civilization.” -Sherel Purcell

Quebec Market (photo:blacktomato.com)

Quebec Market (photo:blacktomato.com)

Make sure to check out Purcell’s “A Foodies Guide to Quebec Food Specialties” for great tips on where to eat, shopping local, finding the best markets, how to save money, and much more!

So, you know where to go, now let’s get you there! For more information on traveling to Canada please call our travel specialists!

Sonja Nash, Cruise & Travel Masters
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