Unique Lodging:The Journey and The Destination

Photo Credit: Cedar Creek Treehouse

Photo Credit: Cedar Creek Treehouse

Imagine waking up to the music of a mountain stream flowing by your cabin — except that your cabin is 50 feet up in a giant cedar tree with a view seen only by the birds.

Cedar Creek Treehouse is situated high in the canopies of the lush evergreen rainforest surrounding Mount Rainier National Park. The natural skylight highlights the giant tree trunk growing straight up through the floor of the kitchen, and disappearing through the ceiling of this Earth-friendly mountain retreat.

Cedar Creek was listed in CBS’s World’s 10 Best “One- Room” Hotels and The Guardian’s (London) ” One of the World’s Best Five Treehouses”.

They offer guided tours for visiting guests, which include ascending the 82′ high spiral Stairway To Heaven and crossing the Rainbow Bridge to the 100′ Treehouse Observatory. On fair weather days there are spectacular views of Mt. Rainier and its surrounding peaks. Bring your binoculars and you might see climbers on Mt. Rainier’s Muir snowfield and mountain goats on Mt. Wow’s meadows.

For more information on treehouse hotels and other unique lodging options, contact our travel specialists. We can turn an average getaway into something really special!

Sonja Nash, Cruise & Travel Masters
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