Snow-dusted Red Rock: A Peaceful Winter Getaway

View Hotel, Photo Credit: Sunset Magazine and David Fenton

View Hotel Photo Credit: Sunset Magazine & David Fenton

Everyone knows about Utah’s red rock but have you seen these magical landscapes  in the winter? There is something special about Monument Valley, the View Hotel and the people who visit. Maybe it’s the sandstone masterpieces that tower to heights of 1,000 ft, the breathtaking sunsets that dissolve into the horizon, or the light dusting of snow on everything red. Most likely, however, it’s the fact that every single room has a balcony with iconic vistas, making daydreaming the most popular past time. The View Hotel is also offering their guests a way to offset their carbon emissions, assuring a more environmentally friendly travel experience. Check out their carbon footprint calculator and offset options.

You can count on our travel specialists for perfecting your own peaceful winter getaway!

Sonja Nash, Cruise & Travel Masters
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