Fall Travel Ideas That Wont Break The Bank

I wanted to share some fall travel tips from a great blog post by Delicious Baby. There are awesome ideas for cutting expenses, avoiding crowds and enjoying the autumn season.

Fall Travel

Fall Travel

  1. Fall Colors
    A trip to see the fall leaves in Vermont is the classic fall road trip, but you don’t necessarily need to get in an airplane to see the fall colors. Here in Washington, we head to the Cascade mountains when it starts to get cold, and almost any of California’s mountain towns have beautiful fall leaves too. For ideas in your state Google the state name followed by “fall leaves.” For example, “New Mexico fall leaves.”
  2. Big Cities
    Hotels in major cities like New York, Chicago, and San Franciscooffer great fall deals. For example, I just booked a centrally located four-star hotel in Chicago for just $157.50 per night. By waiting until fall to visit Chicago, I’ll not only miss the summer heat and crowds, but the arts season will be back in full swing.

    Grand Teton National Park

    Grand Teton National Park

  3. National Parks
    When I was a child, my family visited Yosemite National Park the week after Labor Day every year. The park was pleasantly quiet (especially when compared with the summer rush), but the weather was still warm during the day. Yosemite isn’t alone. Any National Park makes a great post-Labor day retreat. For parents of young kids, the heat’s retreat means you won’t get all sticky hiking with baby backpack or toting a toddler whose legs refuse to carry him any further. Best of all, the competition for camping spots and hotel rooms is lower than in the summer months.
  4. Repositioning Cruises
    Now is the best time to book an inexpensive cruise. In the Fall, the cruise lines move their big ships from summer destinations to winter ones. (They move them back in the Spring). The itineraries are out of the ordinary, filled with island visits along the route from the boat’s summer home to its winter home, and costs can be as low as $60 per day. A repositioning cruise is perfect if your main concern is booking a ship with lots of kids activities and you don’t have your heart set on a classic itinerary. This article on Arthur Frommer’s blog is a great place to learn more about Repositioning Cruises
  5. Europe
    Airfares to Europe usually drop in the fall, and this year they are expected to be about 20% lower than last year. Fall and early winter are also great times to get discounted rates on furnished vacation rentals. Thanksgiving dinner in Pariswon’t include turkey, but it will certainly be memorable and delicious.

    Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World

    Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World

  6. Amusement Parks
    If you’re looking for a more typical kid-friendly vacation, you can expect to find great discounts at the amusement parks. For example DisneyLand and Disney World both have fall resort packages that help offset the recent ticket price increases. Great Wolf Lodge also has fall offers as do many other kid-focused resorts and amusement parks. Look close to home too as many parks offer “locals only” discounts during the fall and winter months.
  7. Skip Fall. Plan a Winter Holiday
    For families who don’t celebrate Christmas, a Christmas-week getaway offers fewer tourists and lower prices than the rest of the busy winter-break season. Airfares and resort rates are both reduced during this time (with the resorts beginning to fill up again on the 26th). For those who do celebrate Christmas, consider celebrating in a country like Mexico, Spain or Italy where festivities take over entire cities. Masses are generally open to travelers, and a Christmas Mass in a beautiful old church would be an especially beautiful memory for parents and children alike.

Where Not To Go? I’ll add one word of caution. Many resort destinations have great deals this time of year, but be sure to check your guidebook for seasonal weather information. Fall is hurricane season in many areas (for example Hawaii and the Bahamas). While you are unlikely to experience a hurricane, you might want to consider a different choice if heavy rain would “ruin” your vacation.

For more great travel advise give our travel specialists a call or check us out at cruiseandtravelmasters.com!

Sonja Nash, Cruise & Travel Masters
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2 thoughts on “Fall Travel Ideas That Wont Break The Bank

  1. The fall colors around Southern Colorado may not be the same as visiting New England, but they can be really beautiful. If you travel the highway of Legends past La Veta the contrast between the fall colors and the Colorado blue skies is awesome. Stone Wall, Elk and colorful fall leaves combined with great weather make for an easy car trip.

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