Lithuania: A New and Surprising Destination!

Old Town of Vilnius, Lithuania

Old Town of Vilnius, Lithuania

 “If you enjoy trips to the countryside to see spectacular natural landscapes, visit Lithuania. The stunning Curonian Spit and Lithuania’s lovely national parks leave an indelible impression on every visitor. If you prefer vibrant city life, visit Lithuania. You will find all types of dazzling entertainment in each of our cities. If you feel like indulging in a blissful spa experience, visit Lithuania. Our spa resorts offer some of the highest quality services. If you love celebrations, visit Lithuania. Lithuanians mark all their jovial holidays with traditional celebrations, merrymaking and festivals. If you like hearty food, visit Lithuania. You’ll be able to try our delectable national and international cuisine. If you want to experience some genuine hospitality, then you must visit Lithuania!” – Lithuania National Tourism

Don’t miss the following upcoming events in Lithuania!

The European Basketball Championship 2011: This year the “Eurobasket” will be hosted in Lithuania. Basketball is considered a second religion in Lithuania so there it is sure to be a grand event! The Championship is the largest annual basketball event and supporters travel from around the world to cheer and support!

The International Tall Ships Regatta 2011:will take place in the port-city of Klaipeda. The race crosses the Baltic Sea to Turku, Finland where it then heads back down the Baltic Sea to Gdynia, Poland for the final four-day festival from 2nd to 5th September. The event will feature the highlights of each city, including special tours, art galleries, museums and historical sites of interest.

Check out great photos of Lithuanuia from fellow blogger, Lindsay Comer on her Life in Russia blog!

Today is the day to start planning your trip to Lithuania! Our travel specialists are excited to help you!

Sonja Nash, Cruise & Travel Masters
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