Cool Photography Trip #4: Whale+Unicorn=Narwhal

Narwhal Pod

Narwhal Pod

Add your name to the exclusive list of adventurers who have tramped across the tundra at the top of the world. In mid-June, this arctic wildlife photography expedition travels by snowmobile and dog sled with Inuit guides across the magnificent Canadian Arctic. Once the expedition has begun, you will camp out each night at a mobile campsite on the floe ice. A true arctic experience. Lead by seasoned expedition leader and wildlife photographer Amos Nachoum, the goal of this journey: to photograph Narwhal . Swimming in pods of 10 to 20, the narwhals gather along the edges of ice floes waiting for the warming weather to crack the ice so they can go further inland. As they make their epic dives to reach the bottom for halibut, shrimp, and squid, we’ll slip quietly into the water to free-dive with them as they go about their narwhal business at the surface. You’ll also see a Bowhead whale or two, and although you won’t be specifically seeking them out (that trip is April), polar bears are always a possibility, and make great subjects for your portfolio. –Kensington Tours

Male Narwhal

Male Narwhal

Our travel specialists can make your arctic whale watching dreams reality! Give us a call!

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