Festival of the Sun, Peru

MASKS at the Festival of the Sun, Peru

MASKS at the Festival of the Sun, Peru

The second largest festival in South America takes place every year during the 3rd week of June in Cuzco, Peru. The Inti Raymi is also known as the Festival of the Sun. Hundreds of thousands of people from South America and all over the world gather in Cuzco, eagerly anticipating the fun they have in store. This fabulous event is a week of celebrations marking the beginning of the new year.  Every day if slam packed with street fairs, dancing and local music. Some of the best Peruvian musicians play free concerts at the Plaza de Armas while others prepare for their all day ceremony which takes place on June 24th. This is when the ancient Emperor Sapa Inca is played by a local actor as he calls on blessings from the sun. Then he is paraded around the streets and up the hills  to the ancient fortress above Cuzco. Bonfires and fireworks light the city as the party continues on!

Sonja Nash, Cruise & Travel Masters
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