Flowers are here!

The Canadian Tulip Festival, Ottawa

The Canadian Tulip Festival, Ottawa

Spring is somewhat miraculous with its ability to transform cold, sleepy winters to abundant amounts of life bustling with color and energy!

Ottawa, Canada is a perfect reflection of this exciting time of year. Ottawa celebrates their tulip festival (officially named the Canadian Tulip Festival) in May every year and it has become the largest festival in the world. The 2011 festival is three weeks (May 6 to May 23) of endless gardens,  fun concerts, educational lecturers, local Canadians and visitors from all around the world, welcoming the arrival of spring.

Bike Riding and Tulips

Bike Riding and Tulips

The festival originated from Princess Juliana of Netherlands gifting Ottawa 100,000 tulip bulbs in 1945 as a thank you for Canada’s assistance in Netherland’s liberation. Since the tulips have become a symbol of international friendship and celebration.

Don’t miss being a part of this amazing event! Oh and bring your camera! You will want to catch all the vibrant smiles!

Sonja Nash, Cruise & Travel Masters
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