Cruise Ships For Kids!!!


goofing around is lots of fun

goofing around

 I was born into a family that travels a ton together! Growing up, we were able to see and experience so many wonderful things and places. When looking back, some of my favorite memories are of the family cruises that we took. 

 The kids counselors and ship staff made my little brother and sister feel like royalty while engaging them in all sorts of age appropriate activities like treasure hunts, pool games, costume parties (they made their own hysterical costumes), and lessons to learn the “Hey Macarena!”. Most ships have dedicated areas for kids such as water parks, climbing walls, sports, pools, teen discos, kids centers , playrooms, movies, etc. Our parents rarely heard those dreaded words, “ We’re bored.”

engaging activities

engaging activities

Unstructured  time was also a blast. I remember exploring a private island with my grandmother. We found a little abandoned shack and imagined that it had been a pirate hideaway where they stored their treasure.

Even meals were awesome! I remember my brother, 9 years old at the time, ordering mac & cheese

face painting fun!

face painting fun

and escargot for dinner. The waiter took a deep breath, smiled and said, “Certainly sir”. Ha Ha!

Oh, and did I mention that adults love family cruising too? They, too, can choose from limitless activities or just lay by the pool with a good book, guiltless, because they know their kids are safe and having a great time.

Give us a call and we would love to help you choose the best cruise for your family!  

Sonja Nash, Cruise & Travel Masters
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