Zambia- Off The African Beaten Track

Because most tourists choose Kenya, Botswana and Tanzania to visit, Zambia has remained a well kept secret. Although, thought of as being “rustic” in the past, that is no longer the case. They have exquisite lodgings that offer all the commodities a person could wish for.

Canoe Safari & The Chongwe River House, Zambia

Canoe Safari & The Chongwe River House, Zambia

Zambia is home to the walking safari, not to be mistaken for mobile safaris. Walking safaris offer an extremely up close and personal approach to getting out into the bush and seeing wildlife firsthand. Groups walk to each camp, allowing for sightings that may have been missed if driven. The guests travel with rangers and are very protected while in commute. The overall experience of a walking safari allows for the authentic African experience.

Want another fun way to safari? Check out canoe safaris! Zambia is known as The African Waterhole and those that know about nature know that where there is water, there is wildlife! So, these canoe safaris make for an excellent way to see animals drinking, swimming and sunbathing!

African Fish Eagle

African Fish Eagle

Because of Zambia’s abundance of waterways, they have one of the most unique eco-systems in all of Africa. For example, leopards, that are at times difficult to spot in other locations, seem to be everywhere you look in Zambia. And speaking of leopards, there is a fabulous night tour that allows guests to see these massive cats in their most active hours! Very cool!

Bird watching is very common in Zambia as well. My favorite to spot is the elegant Crested Crane. And you are sure to wake up every morning to the call of the Fish Eagle, the national bird of Zambia. Oh and don’t forget about the endless pods of hippos and herds of elephants!

lazy leopard

lazy leopard

Must See National Parks In Zambia: Luangwa National Park, Lower Zambezi National Parks, Kafue National park

Zambia is truly a magnificent place! Take advantage of seeing its unlimited game!

Sonja Nash, Cruise & Travel Masters
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