Tasting Bangkok


padthaiEveryone knows Bangkok, Thailand as being the bustling city that it is. However, most people don’t know about the out-of-this-world food! Tasting local food is a big part of  exploring a new culture and Thai food makes it an enjoyable experience!

At the Bangkok market I was able to taste several dishes varying from  their world famous pad thai to their not so  famous fried bugs. I definitely enjoyed the Phad Thai more than the bugs but hey, now I can say I’ve eaten bugs! HaHa!

street vendor, Bangkok, Thailand

street vendor, Bangkok, Thailand

The eateries in Bangkok range from being upscale rooftop restaurants to modest street vendors and 99.9% of them are fabulous! Whether you are a business man or a backpacker, you are sure to find endless dishes that will make your mouth scream with joy!

Some safety tips:
1) Upscale (americanized) restaurants are usually going to be the safest bet if you have a sensitive tummy and are worried about a stomach bug.
2) Some people suggest being temporarily vegetarian, if you aren’t already. Cutting meat from your diet will lessen your chances of getting food poisoning on your trip.

Floating Market, Bangkok, Thailand

Floating Market, Bangkok, Thailand

3) Street vendors are usually safe (locals are eating it too) but avoid things that look like they have been sitting out too long, especially meat!
4) The old saying,  “if you cant peal it, cook it.”  This usually pertains to produce.  Some people believe that you can eat fruits and vegetables raw if they can be pealed and otherwise to cook them.
5) Most importantly enjoy yourself and taste taste taste!

My opinion? I have traveled to several countries and in every one of them I have eaten like the locals eat. It’s usually not that different than how we do it in America. They shop at their markets for the best produce possible, and wash everything just like we do. Thai people specifically are extremely sanitary when it comes to food preparation and man can they cook!

Check out this fabulous Pad Thai Recipe

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