Ecotourism- Fad or For Real?

hiking to waterfalls, Liberia, Costa Rica

hiking to waterfalls, Liberia, Costa Rica

So what is the deal with all this “green”, “eco” stuff that is going around these days? It can be intimidating if you aren’t  sure what it all means. Well, ecotourism is actually a pretty simple, very cool concept! It’s basically a type of tourism that visits remote, natural areas and is low impact on the environment.  The purpose is to educate and encourage the “Responsible Traveler” while improving the well-being of the local community. Ecotourism has become a very popular choice because the person traveling doesn’t feel like a tourist but part of a community with a good cause. Plus there is nothing more rewarding than returning home from a vacation  full of awareness and giving back. If you are looking for something new, ecotourism might be an exciting  area to explore with your travel agent!

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Sonja Nash, Cruise & Travel Masters
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One thought on “Ecotourism- Fad or For Real?

  1. Amber and Spencer loved Costa Rica and would go back in a minute. I would love to go there now and see how pretty it is. They said that they felt so safe and loved the people down there.

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