Let The Travel Agent Do The Work

While waiting in the security line at the Salt Lake City Airport, I found myself amused by the circus around me. There was the man up  front with three laptops, confused as to why they needed to be in separate containers, the woman that “just bought!” the overpriced airport-securityhighbottle of water and refused to throw it away and the old Armenian couple that couldn’t understand a word of English. Meanwhile, people in line were complaining about the wait, missed flights and the urge to use the restroom. I couldn’t help but laughing out loud!

What a mess traveling can be in this day and age. So, with all the complications that already exist why do some people  insist on doing it without a travel agent, making it that much harder? After all, isn’t a vacation supposed to be relaxing?

YES! And that is what travel agents are there for…to make your travel experience easier. The small amount that you may (and very likely MAY NOT) save by booking with online booking engines is not worth the headache or the ultimate price you likely will pay if something goes wrong. What happens when you miss a cruise because of flight delays, lose your passport while in a foreign country or didn’t have travel insurance at the time of an accident? These are all things that travel agents specialize in! The partnership between traveler and travel agent is priceless.

Glasgow Airport Security SignTravel is full of unsuspected situations so, make your life easier and hand the responsibility over to a professional. Remember, you want to escape the stress not create more of it! Lets have some fun and plan your next getaway!

Sonja Nash, Cruise & Travel Masters


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