Benefits of Cruising

Sure, there are pros and cons to all types of travel, but cruising has become a popular option for a number of reasons. Cruise vacations are convenient, cost-effective, family-oriented or couple-oriented, and intrinsically safe. With multiple activities, dining

Holland America Cruise Ship, Alaska

Holland America Cruise Ship, Alaska

options, itineraries, and amenities to suit any passenger from spa-lovers to adventure-seekers to sun worshipers, no vacation will feel more individualized than a cruise.

One of the most tangible benefits of a cruise vacation is the nearly all-inclusive cost. Though shore excursions and other amenities are not included in the initial fare, the price of a cruise does cover lodging, meals, and a wide variety of entertainment. If you were to purchase each of these items separately for a land-based vacation, the cost could easily be several hundred dollars greater. A pro with working with your local travel agency is we

cruising for all ages

cruising for all ages

offer payment plans for passengers booking well in advance, allowing even more financial convenience.

With no other vacation can you visit different countries with the convenience of only unpacking once. Furthermore, the ship is the mode of transportation, and unless passengers opt for rental cars or scooters in ports of call, they need never pick up a set of keys or navigate foreign traffic on a cruise. With a traditional vacation, you either must endure such trials or

Disney Cruise for the kids

Disney Cruise for the little ones

are limited to a relatively narrow area of dining and entertainment within walking distance of your hotel.

Want to work out on your vacation? No membership is required to visit a cruise ship’s fitness center or join in one of the workout classes. Interested in gourmet dining? There are no lengthy waits for available tables at the dining room. Craving a late night snack? Visit the pizzeria or order room service without a hassle. Not sure what you’d like to do today? Read over the ship’s daily newsletter for a schedule of activities without needing to browse dozens of brochures. These are only a sample of the convenience benefits offered by every cruise ship, eliminating many of the headaches of traditional land-based vacations.

sunbathing with friends

sunbathing with friends

Still not sure a cruise vacation is right for you or do you want to make sure you are not stuck on a ship with people not in your age group? The 25-39 age groups are taking about 29% of the cruises. The 40-59 age groups take about 36% of the cruises while the 60 plus group take approximately 35% of cruises. Your local travel agent is well versed in knowing which cruises are right for you and your activity level.

In fact, cruises are such successful vacations that according to Cruise Lines International Association, more than 80% of cruisers return for a second voyage – far higher than the percentage of people who choose to revisit a land-based resort or attraction. With such a success rate, cruise lines prove their benefits and continue to gain new passengers with each voyage.

Andrea Lemon, Cruise & Travel Masters


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One thought on “Benefits of Cruising

  1. I’m definitely a believer in cruises. Over the years I learned that there’s a ship to fill everyone’s style and needs. I found many ships that filled mine. Love it!!!

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