Walking from Monte Carlo to Nice

The gorgeous bay of Monte Carlo

I accompanied my mom on a work trip to Southern France.  We arrive in Monte Carlo and my breath was taken by the stunning palm trees that touched down on the crystal blue ocean. After the third day of conferences, I needed to stretch my legs and get a breath of fresh air.  I decided to go for a long walk. 

 I realized almost immediately, that my Patagonia shorts and Chaco sandals were a bit under dressed compared to the fashions of the locals. The shop clerks didn’t try to hide their dropped jaw stares,  but they still tried to smile at me when I caught their eyes.
In my first few days there I learned that this region is known for their espresso and I had enjoyed many but today I was craving a soy latte from home. I decided to continue walking the boardwalk until I found a coffee shop that made exactly that. The architecture I passed was unlike anything I had ever seen. It was late afternoon on a Tuesday and the boardwalk was packed with coffee drinkers. The time of day that, had I been in the states, everyone would still be at work. The locals had a sense of relaxed sophistication as they held their skinny cigarette and sipped their espresso. After some time I realized that the sun was getting close to the horizon and I needed to figure out where I was and how to get back to Monte Carlo.


Nice France

Just then I saw a public park sign that indicated I had entered into the city of Nice. Wow! I walked from Monte Carlo to Nice in a days time, well, a long days time… I decided to call the search quits, pulled up a chair at the next coffee shop, ordered two shots of espresso and contemplated my journey back.


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