Vacations to Australia

We LOVED Australia.  It was truly a once in a lifetime experience. The

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country is so vast and so beautiful.  People are very friendly; everyone speaks English, and the exchange rate is favorable to our  dollar. With only 10 days in the country, we were forced to set our priorities.

First was the Great Barrier Reef and we decided on a 4-day cruise to experience the outer islands, take in the sun, and see the creatures that live under water.  It’s fabulous–one of the wonders of the world–and it’s amazing to see from the sky as you fly out of Australia.

Second was to spend some time around Cairns where we learned about the history of the Aboriginal people, rode gondolas through the canopy of the rain forest to the mountain town of Kurnda and then took a train down where we could look up to see how huge everything was above us.  We flew in a hot air balloon over the table lands and looked down on kangaroos in the wild.

 Our last stop was Sydney–one of the most beautiful cities in the world with a very interesting past.  The opera house was not only spectacular, it was fun.  There were so many different things going on there.  We took water taxis and ferries and watched the lights of the city come on as the sun set.  We ate fabulous food and on our last day, we did the Sydney Harbor bridge climb to see the view from the very top of the bridge.

Everything was better than we had expected.  Maybe someday, we will have a chance to go back and experience some of the areas we had to miss.  I am looking forward to planning vacations in Australia.

Jacquie Lybbert, Cruise & Travel Masters

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