The World is a Book

The World is a book.  Those who do not travel, read only the first page.

According to a recent survey, sixty percent of Americans planning to

Travel with Family

Familily Holiday

travel in 2010 say their major goal is to spend time with family and friends.  This represents a shift in attitude from 2009 when time with family ranked as the second most important quality in planning a vacation, after affordability.

This year we are finding that relaxation and seeing new sites is ranking very high in importance when chosing the perfect vacation.

Traveling with family

Travel while spending time with friends and family

Women value spending time with family or friends higher than men as a vacation goal.   Also, younger adults, aged 18 to 34 are  more likely than their older counterparts to vacation for the sake of having a new experiences.

Though affordability is no longer a top three consideration when planning a vacation in 2010,  We are finding that vacationers are willing to travel in shoulder season or off season as a way of saving money.“

So, Save your money, plan well in advance, and get out and see the world.

Toby Nash, Cruise & Travel Masters

The Smart Travelers Trusted Agency



One thought on “The World is a Book

  1. Best blog ever!! LOVE traveling with friends and family and spending some good quality time with the people that mean most to me! Cruise and travel masters is great, extremely helpful and sooo nice!!! They will set you up with the best places and give you the best prices!!! I HIGHLY recommend them!!! (ask for Toby Nash!! Owner.)

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