Getting air in the San Francisco Bay area

I think it hit me when the plane took off. We quickly began our ascent to the clouds living room, where I would be faced with the ultimate situation- jumping out of an airplane! The farms and vineyard below fit together like perfect green and yellow patchwork. Focusing my attention on the beautiful view allowed me to find my breath again. And then it was time!

Skydiving in San Francisco

How about skydiving for adventure travel

 The camera man asked if I had any last words just before the hatch door swung open and I got the command to JUMP!!

As the free fall began, every cell in my being panicked. My brain instantly screamed “This is not right!”. Just as I thought my heart would stop, the opposite happened.

Sky diving in California

Sonja sky diving in California

A great sense of calm came over me. The wind was warm as it cradled my body. The world below seemed so small and simple. Sometimes it takes such an incredible state of chaos to later feel such clarity and peace. The parachute released and we slowly dangled to the ground. I felt the grass between my toes and the sun on my shoulders. I have never before felt so grounded.

Drop Zone: Lodi~  Location: N/E of San Francisco

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