Adventure travel is meant for everyone

Adventure travel is exciting for everyone.
We all seek adventure whether it is from wilderness, exploration, or physical exertion, The experience typically begins when you leave the ship or the bus.  Todd Smith, founder of Adventure Smith Explorations, said: “We use these activities to explore a destination more intimately, to discover an area we could not otherwise access.

Swimming with the stingray in Tahiti

The activities are not the purpose of the trip, but they are a tool of exploration to get the traveler in a more intimate situation with culture, wildlife and nature.”  At most destinations, you are able to rent a bicycle and discover the countryside at a comfortable pace.  You will be able to enjoy the beauty, history and culture of the museums, fine arts, caves, rappelling down cliffs, hikes, swimming with the  stingray, surfing, kayaking, yoga,  and much more.  I have enjoyed the exhilarating zip line in Costa Rica and Puerto Vallarta, swimming with the stingray in the Caymans,snorkeling in Bermuda, helicopter rides over the cliffs in Hawaii,


Holiday River Expedition

Bear & whale watching or Kayaking in the rivers of Alaska, fishing the lakes of Corpus Cristy, and many more. Adventure travelers are collecting life experiences, by exploring the world, and then coming home to tell about it.

Today’s travelers are looking for a piece of authenticity and discovery.    It doesn’t always have to be strenuous, but most travelers are seeking one form of adventure or another, including exploration of new places, cultures, special interests or activities.   Where is your next overseas travel adventure?
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5 thoughts on “Adventure travel is meant for everyone

    • Claudia, I really like this idea for adventure travel. I will see what I can do to promote it.
      Thanks for contacting us.

  1. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico continues to be a popular vacation spot for people from all over the world. With it’s fabulous year round weather and beautiful Pacific Ocean & Sea of Cortez most any time is a great time to be in Cabo. I have lived in Cabo for over 10 years and my “adventure in paradise” has been packed with fun and great times with family and friends. Our vacation rental properties have provided a variety of special vacation experiences for many who visit Cabo. Our inventory is located on our site. If you haven’t had the vacation home rental experience you may want to consider it.
    One of my favorite activities in the area is with Cabo Adventures aboard one of the Americas Cup Sailing ships. They offer a couple of options, but we always choose to be part of the crew in a race against another boat. The professional racing crew are from all over the world and will share their experiences. As part of the tour you are part of the crew, tacking, jibing, grinding the winches and hoisting the sales as you race against another America’s Cup boat. These long carbon fiber ultra light sailboats, Team New Zealand NZL 81 and NZL 82, are some of the fastest yachts in the world. For those who don’t want to participate in the work out of the race a 2 hour Sunset Sailing tour is offered. Either way it’s a great adventure to be aboard one of these beautiful boats.
    I would love to hear from others who have spent time in Cabo.

    Baja Sur Vacation Rentals

  2. hi,
    I really like doing canyoning, via-ferrata, canyoning and paragliding. I think those are the best way to enjoy its time by discovering a place, with other people and for free of course.

  3. Hello! the inset image of Holiday River Expeditions, that company is based in Utah. It operates in Cataract Canyon, which has 26 Grand Canyon Style rapids on the Colorado River in Utah. The trip is more affordable to your wallet and your calendar. Plenty of adventure in America that does not require a passport.

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