Families traveling with little children

Families traveling with little children.
Parents traveling with little children need to come prepared. Bring a few favorite activities for the boring parts of the trip. Books, puzzles, stuffed animal that can take up some time.
Stash some snacks for your childs confused body clock.  Be ready with some easy snacks in your bag. Place a few surprises in your bag for when you child begins to feel restless or bored.  They can be cheap. Bring a special travel pillow and encourage your child to rest.  Squishy ones, fun to squeeze are best. Find someway to incorporate music to sooth their needs.  Having the right background music can be a subtle way to help your child feel more cheerful or more relaxed.  Kids are not capable of sitting still as long as adults. Take lots of breaks and make sure your child moves around alot. Slow it down, and enjoy each other’s company.  Try shorter visits to fewer places and having a good time.
Besure to incorporate your childs input.  Where you go and what you do, should be interesting to the children.
Toby Nash

The Smart Travelers Trusted Agency



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