Airplane travel with someone else’s child

Memories….. in the middle seat of the airplane holding a friends 1 year old child named Macy.  The men on both sides of me were larger than their chairs, and sweating when they sat down.  We all glanced at each other as though we knew the torture we were all about to endure. I am not sure how those men fit their legs into the space allowed. But, I am sure, I was atleast 6 inches shorter than both, and my knees were touching the seat in front of me. Claustrophobia and panic set in.  The future, even though unknown, seemed very familiar and predictable.  Yes this child threw a tantrum the full 110 minutes to Montana.  All my efforts to calm her, were in vain.  She was miserable, and made sure the whole plane knew it.  I was not the parent, yet tried all my old parenting skills.  I tried to find peace and comfort in meditating and slow breathing, 40,000 feet above the ground, while my whole body was soaked in sweat.  I recognized the forced tolerance for someone elses child, and recalled my expectations of our own children. So in planning for your next flight with your friends child, get an aisle seat as far forward in the plane as possible. Even though they do not allow you to get up out of your seat to walk back and forth in the plane,  it will speed up the departure off the plane.  Bring something that is soothing and comforting and familiar to the child. Massage their feet, and hands.  Don’t travel with an infant if they are congested. Find a safe place in your mind.
Toby Nash

The Smart Travelers Trusted Agency



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